Letter Pad

What is a letterpad?

Letterpad is a service to create beautiful letters e.g. cover letter, reference letter, or a letter to your family members. You can create a new letter or copy the previous one and change the content inside the letter. You can have a preview of the letter and get a beautiful pdf.

The letterpad consists of various parts. On the left corner, there is a dedicated place for your monogram, that can be related to your company or your university. Then there is your address that contains your full postal adress with email and phoen information.

If you wish, you can also upload your signature, that would be included in the pdf copy. Otherwise, you can click the option of not to include your signature in the pdf. In that case, your signature space will be left empty. You cansign the printed version.

To create your letterpad and letters, you need to be a registered user and Logged in. go to the 'User Panel'. Check the documentations for more detail.

Create Your Own Letterpad Letterpad